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Tai Chi Progression Ceremony

Tai Chi Progression Ceremony

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Dear friends,

We want to extend a special thank you to all who participated in White Magnolia’s Progression Ceremony last month! It was wonderful finally to be able to gather with the community and witness all of the work and intention that our students put into their Tai Chi and Chi Kung practices. We couldn’t be happier and more proud of this community.

If you’re unfamiliar with our school, we offer classes in-person outdoors and on zoom throughout the week with our wonderful instructors. Tai Chi is a mind-body practice that originated in China as a martial art. It’s a gentle form of exercise that improves balance, builds strength and flexibility, boosts immunity, relieves pain – and fosters community!

If you’re curious about Tai Chi and Chi Kung and would like a free trial week of classes, just hit the button below. We’d love to have you!

John, Zoe & Jacquie

“When I joined White Magnolia in January 2010 I was suffering from severe lower back pain. The many classes in both restorative Tai Chi and beginners Tai Chi enabled my back to heal and greatly reduced my need for both prescription and non-prescription pain killers.” A grateful student

“Not only have I received excellent instruction from all the instructors at White Magnolia, but there is also a lovely feeling of family among the students and instructors. I feel as though I receive private instruction, even though I am in a group setting, and I believe my practice has deepened because of this.” A.R.

Although my preference is for person classes, the two
years on Zoom as a result of the pandemic were in fact very beneficial and indeed enhanced my practice during a seemingly endless and difficult time of isolation. I really do feel my Tai Chi got better in spite of, or because of, the Zoom classes! I was able to continue seeing and practicing with classmates and friends, albeit on a computer screen, by which we could share our COVID anxieties, frustrations, and fears and at the same time continue our Tai Chi practice. It is with deep gratitude that I am a part of the White Magnolia “family.” Janet

Stress-Relief, Jazz, and Tea!

Stress-Relief, Jazz, and Tea!

Dear friends,

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This Sunday 10/16, 2-4PM, we are popping up at Teance Fine Teas!

Located at 1036 Grayson, just behind our clinic!

Dr. Jeannie Dairo, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Dr. Jeannie will treat you

to a free, outdoor mini stress-relief acupuncture session.

Featuring live jazz with Kazeem

“Connie’s trombone” from Pixar’s Soul, along with SFJazz High School All-Stars, in person!

Kazeem Jazz

And a fine cup of Teance tea

Join us this Sunday, 2-4pm! 1036 Grayson St., Berkeley.


Treatment slots are limited

Email today to reserve your space.


John, Jacquie and Jeannie

Topical RELIEF

Trauma Liniment now available!

Dear friends,

We’re so excited to report that the first batch of our house-made trauma liniment is ready for its first bottling! After careful formulation and extraction for more than six months, the herbs are ready for you. We even put together a video to document our process, just click on the image below:


We love to use trauma liniment for all kinds of injuries or stubborn muscle aches. The herbs that we use help to increase blood flow and decrease healing time to get you back on your feet faster. Ask John or Zoe if it would be a good fit for you on your next visit.

Do you know of anyone complaining of new or chronic aches and pains this spring? Send them our way!

John, Zoe & Jacquie

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Patient testimonial: “Skilled, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. I went for help with asthma and allergies and I can’t believe how much better I feel after just a few visits. This is my first experience with traditional Chinese medicine. I’m definitely a convert.” – Susan R.

Call today and find out how we can help you with:

Sports Acupuncture

Balanced mental health

Our complete Tai Chi and Chi Kung training program

We offer acupuncture and Tai Chi classes Monday through Saturday

She wanted more than just drugs for the pain

She wanted more than just drugs for the pain

Dear friends,

A patient was offered a prescription for painkillers after injuring her shoulder on vacation. But, she wanted more than just temporary relief. Like many others, she wanted to know what was wrong and what could be done to fix it. Her injury was resolved with sports acupuncture. Watch her story below.

Is shoulder pain getting in the way? Many of our patients were told, “We’ve done all we can do for you,” or were prescribed medication that just masked the pain. Sports acupuncture at White Magnolia Acupuncture and Tai Chi targets what’s missing from conventional interventions by identifying and treating the root cause of the pain.

If shoulder pain is keeping you from living your full life, make an appointment today for a sports acupuncture assessment & treatment. Let’s see how we can get you back to living life without pain.

Is a friend or colleague complaining of pain? Tell them about us by sharing this page!

John, Zoe & Jacquie

Now Booking Cupping Only Sessions

Now Booking Cupping Only Sessions

Dear friends,

We’re so excited to share the latest addition to our clinic offerings: cupping sessions!

Cupping is an integral part of the Sports Acupuncture sessions that we do in the clinic, but we wanted to offer cupping on its own for those patients who want to try Chinese Medicine without the needles.

Check out this video to see Dr. Zoe work with fire cupping!

Cupping is great for sore and tight muscles, but it can also be used to treat:

  • acute or chronic asthma
  • residual cough from a cold or virus
  • painful menstrual cramps
  • tension headaches and more

Give us a call at 510-570-8195 to schedule your cupping appointment today!

In good health,

Zoe, Jacquie & John

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If you’d like to find out what White Magnolia can do for you, book your appointment today to get a full Chinese medicine respiratory health assessment.

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