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Plum Blossom International Federation

Our lineage

Plum Blossom International Federation

White Magnolia Tai Chi is a member of the Plum Blossom International Federation of Choy Li Fut/Tai Chi, headed by Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong of San Francisco. The Plum Blossom International Federation has over one hundred schools world-wide. Branch schools are located throughout the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Philippines, and Tahiti.

Grandmaster Wong was a disciple of Tai Chi Master Hu Yuen-Chou, a closed-door (close student taught privately) student of the renowned Tai Chi Master Yang Cheng-Fu, grandson of Yang Lu-Chan, the founder of Yang family style Tai Chi.

Grandmaster Wong studied Chi Kung under Professor Peng-Si Yu (1902-1983), a Heidelberg-trained medical doctor and renowned medical Chi Kung practitioner who spent his last years here in the Bay Area teaching and participating in medical research at Stanford University. After Professor Yu’s death, Grandmaster Wong continued his Chi Kung training under Professor Yu’s wife and Master assistant, Min-Ou Yang.

Dr. Miriam Marsolais, founder of the White Magnolia Tai Chi School, trained with three of Grandmaster Wong’s senior disciples: Sifu David Dong, Sifu Yadollah Moghaddam and Sifu Munzer Dajani.

Current head instructor John Luna-Sparks began his Tai Chi training with Dr. Marsolais in 2005, who transferred guardianship of the school to John in 2020. He then merged the school with his Chinese medicine clinic to form the healing practice White Magnolia Acupuncture and Tai Chi. He continues as a student of Dr. Marsolais and also Sifu Yadollah Moghaddam.

Please click here for a video of Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong demonstrating Tai Chi push hands.


Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong

Other Federation schools

Listed below are Plum Blossom Federation schools with Tai Chi programs in the U.S. and Canada.  For schools worldwide please visit


Oregon and Washington







Tai Chi Ranking Plum Blossom Federation

Beginner I

(Blue Sash / No Fringe)

  1. Tai Chi Walking, Cloud Hands
  2. Brush Knee, Horse’s Mane
  3. 8 Brocade Exercises

Beginner II

(White Fringe)

  1. 8 Step Form to the Horse Mane
  2. 8 Step Form to The Kicks
  3. 8 Step Form (Complete)

Beginner III

(Yellow Fringe)

  1. 16 Step Form
  2. Single Push Hands
  3. Double Push Hands Pattern

Intermediate I

(Orange Fringe)

  1. Left and Right Tai Chi Fan
  2. 24 Form Complete
  3. Moving Step Push Hands

Intermediate I​I

(Green Fringe)

  1. Plum Blossom Fan
  2. Plum Blossom Straight Sword
  3. Free Style Push Hands

Intermediate III

(Blue Fringe)

  1. Da Lu Push Hands
  2. 40 Form
  3. 32 Tai Chi Sword Form

Advanced I

(White Fringe)

  1. 108 Form to 1st Cross Hands
  2. 108 Form to 2nd Cross Hands
  3. 108 Form Complete

Advanced II

(Red Fringe)

  1. 48 Form to Punch Downwards
  2. 48 Form Complete
  3. Tai Chi Saber Form

Advanced III

(Brown Fringe)

Two Man Saber, Tai Chi Long Sword Form

1st Stripe: Wind Chasing Fan, Two Person Form

2nd Stripe: Five Elements Broadsword, Five Elements Flute

3rd Stripe: Yuen-Chou Sword, Taming Dragon Staff

4th Stripe: Plum Blossom Flute Form, Small Plum

Blossom Double Broadsword Form

5th Stripe: Tai Chi Spear, Yin-Yang Double Jian


(Black Fringe)

Big Frame Fast Form, Plum Blossom Double End Staff

1st Stripe: Sun and Moon Twin Wheels, Yang Fajing Form

2nd Stripe: Dragon and Tiger Double Stick, Plum Blossom Double Jian

3rd Stripe: Dragon and Phoenix Twin Wheels, Small Circle Fast Form

4th Stripe: Nine House Cane-Sword, Plum Blossom Mother and Son Saber

5th Stripe: Golden Dragon Cane-Sword, Yin-Yang Five Elements Palm

*Additional Forms with Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong

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