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Praise for John Luna-Sparks and White Magnolia Acupuncture and Tai Chi

Praise for White Magnolia Acupuncture and Tai Chi

Complete difference in energy level and mood

"I’ve just felt so much better. Even after just two or three sessions I felt a complete difference in my energy level and my moods. I have support in an area that I’ve felt I didn’t have support in. I recommend this treatment to anybody, especially if you’re trying something and you’ve felt hopeless. John is really caring, compassionate, and knows the body really well. He tells you what he’s going to do, he shows you on his tablet where all your ligaments, muscles and meridians are so that you better understand what your treatment is going to be. And he’s just very responsive via email and phone…a great support between sessions."
Body aches and pains disappearing little by little

"John is an amazing healer and an incredible person. His sessions are complete and the time seemed not to matter to him. He is a great listener, very patient, and precise with those needles. He is a great acupuncturist who doesn’t stop until you feel better. I’m almost 55 years old and my body’s aches and pains have been disappearing little by little. I really recommend his practice. You will not be disappointed."
Foot, knee, and hip pain gone away

"John has helped me in so many ways. I was having foot, knee and hip pain and those have completely gone away. He has been a terrific support for fatigue and cold and respiratory issues. His herbs are easy to take. He is very caring and he took the time to research other ways to address my injuries. I can ask anything about his techniques and it is obvious that he knows what he is doing and why, and he communicates this clearly. He always checks to see if I am comfortable. He also has meditation sessions that are very informative. I would highly recommend his services and talents."
1 month of telemedicine did more than 12 months of osteopathy

"In the spring of 2020 when we were all in lock-down, my body was locking down as well. I had been dealing for more than 18 months with a triple injury. Increasing pain and reduced mobility were getting the better of me. Thanks to John's amazing work via telemedicine, his very accessible regime of acupressure exercises and diligent, daily application of these on my part, I was able to regain motion and release 90% of the pain in less than a month. I could walk again and do yoga! John's treatments did more for my healing than a full year of bi-monthly osteopathy treatments had done. All of this through 100% telemedicine because of lock-down restrictions at the time. I can only imagine the impact of his treatments had I been able to have them in-person! John is thoughtful, thorough, very skilled, and caring in his approach. I highly recommend him!"
I was coming down with a cold

"I was coming down with a cold and John said, "come in" and I got this great treatment. I got over the cold faster than I've ever gotten over a cold before my life. I learned more ways to take care of myself with traditional Chinese medicine. I feel like now, like if I am ever coming down with a cold again, I'm going to call John first thing."
Help with pain and range of motion

"I got better! For decades when I got a massage, people would say, “Michelangelo would love you because you’re like a solid piece of marble.” Then when I started working with John I just stopped having the pain and range of motion issues and I started being able to do the things with my trainer that I wanted to do without crying. It was very clear to me that what John was doing was evidence-based, and it works. A lot of things I’ve tried to do over the years have not resulted in my chronic pain improving, but this technique is one of the first I’ve experienced that actually helped. Isn’t that cool?"
Pain got less and less with each treatment

"I recently saw John for issues related to pain in my arm, foot, and knee. Also, I had recently changed antidepressants and my mood was fairly flat. After one treatment, my energy and mood improved significantly. The pain in the various parts of my body got less and less with each treatment. John has a warm, pleasant approach. I feel he is a gifted practitioner who enjoys helping people feel better. I also know him to be ethical and understanding. If you are new to acupuncture, or perhaps have fears about it, John is reassuring and patient. He takes the time needed to get to know his patients. I am grateful that he has chosen this life path."
My entire body feels better

"Because of my acupuncture treatments I feel like I have a new lease on life at 89 years old. My left knee pain continues to improve with each visit. In fact, my entire body feels better. John’s treatments make me feel happy all over. John is very gentle and caring throughout the whole treatment."
I can move and walk

"Everything was easier after I started working with John. I can get on the bus, I can raise my feet and climb up the steps and walk. I can now walk four or five blocks and not even be out of breath, and before I had to rest. And when people ask me how old I am (92) they are amazed at how I can move and walk and do the things that I do. And the herbs have just opened up a new life for me. They might not taste very good but the results are great."
Digestive disorders, stress, foot injury

"I have been treated by John many, many times for different reasons (digestive disorders, stress, foot injury). Every time, he listened to my issues carefully and applied different modalities of Chinese medicine according to my problem at that time. It is very clear to me that he loves what he does. Thanks for choosing this path of healing people."
I was in a lot of pain

"I remember my first treatment with John. I was in a lot of pain and as he performed acupuncture combined with Tui Na massage, I could feel the pain literally melt out of my body. It was incredible. I could tell healing was going on at that very moment. Another treatment involved a very stressful time in my life and he used cupping, which was incredible. I had cupping before, but not like this. John is a master healer and it is evident when you are in his presence. Be ready for something amazing."
John has a special ability

"Warm, kind, and gentle. John has a special ability to make you feel better before he even picks up a needle. We are lucky to have him in the Bay Area!"
I thought my running days were over

"I thought my running days were over due to tight hips and a few other stubborn issues that just wouldn't budge. John listened to my needs, thoughtfully assessed the situation and expertly provided sports acupuncture that got me back to running in just a few sessions. I also appreciate that John adheres to strict safety protocols to make treatment during COVID as safe as possible. I highly recommend him."

Praise for White Magnolia Tai Chi

Lasting physical and emotional relief

"When I fell into a major depression a few years ago, my Kaiser doctor prescribed Tai Chi. As far as I knew, Tai Chi was the odd, slow exercise old people did in parks. But the proof is in the practice. Learning Tai Chi and Chi Kung at White Magnolia has brought me lasting physical and emotional relief. I am less anxious and reactive, more compassionate and focused on other people. Tai Chi teaches balance, both literal and metaphorical, and strength through gentleness. It taps into something powerfully communal; I am buoyed by the care of my fellow practitioners in every class. I'm happily reminded that we are all experts, and we are all beginners."
Family feeling among students and instructors

"Not only have I received excellent instruction from all the instructors at White Magnolia, but there is also a lovely feeling of family among the students and instructors. I feel as though I receive private instruction, even though I am in a group setting, and I believe my practice has deepened because of this."
A much needed source of connection during Covid

"It occurred to me today, after my in person Tai Chi class at White Magnolia Acupuncture and Tai Chi, that although my preference is for in-person classes, the two years on Zoom as a result of the pandemic were in fact very beneficial and indeed enhanced my practice during a seemingly endless and difficult time of isolation. I also really do feel my Tai Chi got better. I was able to continue seeing and practicing Tai Chi with classmates and friends, albeit on a computer screen, by which we could share our COVID anxieties, frustrations, fears and isolation and at the same time continue our Tai Chi practice. For me, it was a wonderful sense of much needed community. It is with deep gratitude that I am a part of the White Magnolia “family”."
A perfect combination

"Tai Chi as taught at White Magnolia is the perfect combination of meditation, balance, and gentle strength training. Miriam brings extensive knowledge of movement, stretching, basic physiology, and mindfulness to her teaching. There is an appropriate level for everyone. I love it."
Methods are fresh and true

"Miriam’s attention to detail and her understanding of Tai Chi’s martial applications have a way of continually taking you deeper in your practice: like the proverbial onion skin, as each layer gets peeled away one penetrates deeper to the source. Her methods are fresh and true, never static. We look forward to Miriam’s classes after all these years as if they were our first."
Relief for lower back pain

"When I joined White Magnolia in January 2010 I was suffering from severe lower back pain. The many classes in both restorative Tai Chi and beginners Tai Chi enabled my back to heal and greatly reduced my need for both prescription and non-prescription pain killers."

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