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To learn well, it is best to attend one (or more) classes at your new material level and one (or more) classes at an earlier level, for deepening and integration each week.

Beginner I

Basic Walking
Basic techniques
4 Step Form
8 Jewels Exercises
8 Step Form

Beginner II

Single Push Hands
16 Step Form
Double Push Hands Pattern
Left-Right Fan

Intermediate I

24 Step Form
Moving Step Push Hands
Plum Blossom Sword

Intermediate II

Plum Blossom Fan
Freestyle Push Hands
40 Form
32 Sword


Da Lu Push Hands
108 Form
48 Form
Saber Form
Two Person Saber
Long Sword
Wind Chasing Fan
Two Person Form


Our tuition is $1,440 per year ($120 per month) for unlimited classes. We offer a discount of $10 per month for seniors who would like to attend our Beginner classes.. 

Please see the Financial Policy Statement below for more details.

Financial policy

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