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Welcome Dr. Jeannie Dairo!

Dear friends,

Dr. Jeannie Dairo, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Dr. Jeannie Dairo, the newest member of the White Magnolia family. And she has a mission: to help others discover Chinese medicine’s tools for deep healing, and looking at the whole picture, not just individual aches and pains.

Jeannie considered becoming a physician, but became frustrated with the limited options of Western medicine when she helped care for two sick relatives and suffered from chronic hormonal problems herself. “None of us were getting any healing, and it was a runaround until you get to a dead end,” she says.

In addition, the unexpected loss of a loved on sent her into a spiral of profound grief, followed by shingles, frozen shoulder, stomach upset and foggy brain. She decided to try acupuncture. “After being stuck for a long time, acupuncture finally put me in a state where I could deal with everything I was going through.”

You’ll get to know even more about Jeannie if you click on the fun video below.

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