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“I would recommend White Magnolia to anybody”

Dear friends,

A tennis player and Bay-to-Breakers runner heard good things about us. He drove 45 miles one-way to see Dr. Zoe for help with frustrating back and knee pain. After sports acupuncture at White Magnolia Acupuncture and Tai Chi, he is happy to once again be running and playing tennis. Hear his story.

Are back or knee pain limiting your favorite activities? Many of our patients come in after trying other approaches that just didn’t work. White Magnolia Acupuncture and Tai Chi targets what’s missing from most medical interventions by getting to the root cause of the pain.

Book an appointment today about that pain you’ve been putting off getting checked out. Let’s see how we can get you back to your top performance with sports acupuncture.

John, Zoe & Jacquie

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