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Summer Solstice

During the summer solstice your yang energy reaches its peak. It is important to harness the peak of this yang energy, because as summer shifts into fall yang energy will decline. This great abundance of yang energy will translate throughout your body because during this season you are active and growing.

According to five element theory, during the summer the organ that receives extra energy is the heart. When the seasons change so do the organs we should focus on in the body. You should focus on the heart during summer. Feed the heart heart-nourishing foods and make sure to remain active so the heart receives positive energy.

When summertime and the summer solstice arrives it is very important and integral to your body to remain active. An activity such as swimming can be very beneficial. Swimming allows you to move within the cool yin of water and this can assist in balancing the hot Qi that comes with the onset of summer. Make sure to keep your circulation moving to avoid debilitating conditions to your body.

Even though you should make sure to get plenty of exercise during the summer, you should also make sure to limit your midday sun, especially during the solstice. If you expose your body to too much sun it can turn out to be very bad for you.

When the summer solstice comes around you will be thriving if you eat heart healthy, stay heart and overall health conscious, exercise plenty and avoid too much excess sun.

Follow these tips in order to have a nourishing summer season for your body and to prepare for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

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