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How a Swimmer Resolved Shoulder Pain Without Drugs and Surgery

woman receiving acupuncture to back and neck


Dear friends,

A patient overcame shoulder pain after worrying that her swimming days were over. After many unsuccessful interventions, she tried sports acupuncture at White Magnolia Acupuncture and Tai Chi. Hear her story below (taped last Feb, pre-COVID).

Is shoulder pain keeping you from working out or calling too much of your attention to it? Many patients call saying they’ve tried so many different approaches that just didn’t work. White Magnolia Acupuncture and Tai Chi addresses what’s missing from most medical interventions by getting to the root cause of the pain.

If shoulder pain is keeping you from living your full life, make an appointment todayfor a sports acupuncture assessment & treatment. Let’s see how we can get you back to your top performance.

John & Jacquie

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