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Fall is here! How is your body feeling as we head into the autumn season?


Would you like to feel:

  • More balanced, physically and emotionally?
  • Empowered to take charge of your health?
  • In harmony with your body?

You’ll learn:

  • How to improve your mood, balance hormones, reduce pain, and increase vitality by staying in harmony with the fall season.
  • A simple self-care routine rooted in the 5 Branches of Chinese Medicine, incorporating meditation, Chi Kung, self-massage, and tasty seasonal food (samples provided!)
  • What teas are in alignment with the fall season. Two house teas provided by Teance Fine Teas.

Presenters: Dr. Jeannie Dairo and John Luna-Sparks, LAc

Space is limited!! Call to reserve your space! 510-570-8195

Good health and peace to all,
White Magnolia Team: John, Dr. Jeannie, Jacquie and Karlie
Teance Fine Teas Team: Chih Hui, I-Ting, Katie, Robert & Sonia

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